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Communities play an important role in influencing young people. Evidence-based prevention practices have also been proven to reduce drug use and public spending on its consequences (Washington State Institute for Public Policy). Our coalition receives funding for evidence-based programs to serve families and young people and for campaigns targeted at changing the norms. We call these norms positive social norms, and with their implementation, we strive to increase protective factors.

Strengthening Families for 10-14 Year Olds

It’s no secret that transitions are tough! We like to think of transitions as opportunities to grow more and take the next steps into achieving our goals. Strengthening Families is a 7 week commitment from families to strengthen their relationship with their middle school student. Once a week, families come together to share a meal, parents attend sessions on their child’s journey into adulthood, students learn leadership skills, and as a family, we play and create projects together.

PAX Good Behavior Game

Wacky prizes, tootle notes, and harmonicas are all part of the fun when it comes to social emotional learning in the classroom! PAX Good Behavior Game (PAX GBG) gives students a voice in their classroom, strengthens student-teacher communication, and teaches student self-regulation. With years of research on positive behavioral interventions and supports and substance prevention, PAX GBG wraps all the teaching tricks and tools into one big classroom “game”.

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Positive Cultural Norms

We believe there is enough bad news out there. But what about the good news that goes untold? Positive Cultural Norm Campaigns celebrate the positive and make it a norm. Studies tell us that the general population wants to join a movement that is positive. When we grow the healthy, positive influences in our community, we increase protective factors. These protective factors counteract the risk factors to create a healthier, safer, and drug-free community.

Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Prevention Intervention Specialists are placed in schools to provide early alcohol/drug and gang prevention and intervention to students and their families, assist in referrals to treatment and other needed services and help transition students back to school when they have been to treatment. The program provides training and support for schools and students and develops partnerships with community agencies to prevent and intervene with students involved in substance abuse, gang, and violence.

Services include:

  1. Identification and screening for at-risk youth. Multi-tiered School Prevention and Intervention Services.
  2. ATOD Education and Consultation for students and families.
  3. Gang Prevention and intervention Services
  4. Classroom Presentation and educational resources for schools
  5. In School Support Groups for Students. Educational groups to provide skill building, bonding, and  refusal skills.